From the Manufacturer:
     “Hapbee is an augmentative wearable that emulates normal molecular interactions in the body through small, specific magnetic fields. Hapbee can replicate different feelings by playing safe, low energy magnetic signals. The feelings fall under six general categories: Happy, Alert, Desire, Relaxed, Calm and Sleepy.

Hapbee Companion App controls your Hapbee device and allows you to play your feelings any time, any where.”

From AABL Team:
     This is an interesting device that is just coming to market. Most notably, they have some “light” support from Dave Asprey, the father of Biohacking. We thought we’d flag this one for the community as something you may want to look into, as the IndieGoGo campaign offers a fair discount. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee, if you are unsatisfied. We hope some community members will pick this up so we get a solid review-base (we pre-ordered ours!). Shipping is set for May 2020.