Q&A: Erin, Ketond (Ketone Supplements)


Hello BioHackers!!!  A pleasant day to all of you. Today we are blessed to have an interview with Erin from Ketond. Ketōnd is a breakthrough weight loss supplement that contains bio-identical ketones that can “Turn Your Body Into a Fat-Burning Machine”. With Ketond’s clinically dosed formula, you will simply enjoy all the benefits of the keto diet without restrictions.  

Web: https://ketond.com/


Q: Hi Erin, Can you tell us a little bit about the company, mission, and vision? How did you come up with the brand name KetoSports?

A: Ketond was started nearly 5 years ago as we saw a need for supplements supporting the Keto lifestyle.  Ketond’s #1 goal is customers have a good experience with our Company, which is why we sell high-quality products, full label transparency (no proprietary blends), 30 days Money Back offer, and prices lower than the larger companies in the market such as Pruvit.  This has resulted in an 85% repeat customer rate.  Our #2 goal is to provide great products and customer support to those trying to achieve their fitness, weight loss, and keto lifestyle goals.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of creating a product for weight loss without having to follow an excessively restrictive low-carb diet?

A:  The biggest challenge is education on exogenous ketones because the ingredient has only been around 5 years and we were the 2nd company to market with it.  Ketōnd is a breakthrough weight loss supplement that contains bio-identical ketones. Ketones have been proven to start the body’s fat-burning process in less than 60 minutes. Since 2016, millions of people have experienced how Ketond makes it easier to lose weight, improve metabolism, and control food cravings leading to greater weight loss. Say ‘Goodbye’ to counting calories and starvation diets – when it comes to weight loss Ketond is the STRONGEST, MOST EFFECTIVE ketone supplement available!  The other biggest challenge is getting the flavors right because the exogenous bio-identical ketones don’t taste very well on their own.  

Q: Ok let’s talk about your product. Which of these products do you personally use, and which of these products would you recommend most for someone just starting out and why?

A: Ketond Advanced Blend is by far our top seller and I take it every morning.  The immediate benefits are appetite suppression, energy, and cognitive, then the weight loss follows.  I also take our Collagen, Super Greens, and PM Metabolic Pill.  Also, the Advanced Blend is a game-changer for intermittent fasting, take it first thing in the morning and you won’t be hungry until noon or later.  

Q: Can you tell me more about Ketostax Metabolic accelerator? How can this product control your cravings? 

A: KetoStax Metabolic Accelerator is meant to be mixed with the Ketond Advanced Blend or Ketond BioMAX.  We use 8 powerful fat-burning ingredients AND just like the rest of our products, every ingredient is listed on the supplement facts panel along with its actual dose.

Q: There are a lot of products for Keto, weight loss, and low carb in the market. Who do you think is the toughest (and most inspiring) competitor and why?

A:  Our largest competitor is Pruvit, which is a multi-level marketing company out of Texas.  They do a good job educating their direct sales force on selling techniques and products.  Their downside is product cost because they have to pay out commissions to so many levels.  We buy our raw material exogenous ketones from the same source and we actually include more ketones per serving than they do because they hide behind a proprietary blend, but the ketone ingredient in their proprietary blends is actually less than what we include.  

Q: Aside from current product offerings, is the team working on developing new additional products? What does the product roadmap look like?

A:  We are always developing and innovating more products and more flavors from our top sellers.  We recently introduced some baked keto snacks.  I think we have introduced new products and new flavors every year we have been in business.  

Q: Given a change, if you will create a new product that can be added to your list of products what would it be and why?

A:  I guess that would depend on what change you mean, but we are currently working on 3 new flavors of the Advanced Blend.  We are also working on a canned drink rather than the powders you currently mix.  

Q:  What are your future plans and goals for the company? Where do you want to be in 6-12 months? And 5 years? 

A: We want to continue impacting people’s lives for the better and providing everyone who crosses our path a good experience with our Company.  I don’t see that goal as ever-changing.  We are currently having a great year and expect to keep growing and serving more customers.  

Q: Finally, Is there anything you would like to tell us that we didn’t cover? 

A:  We love talking to our customers, we have tens of thousands of testimonials over the last 5 years and everyone gets a response from us.  

Web: https://ketond.com/