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The Original Mother-Son Keto Bakery


John is a long-time follower of the ketogenic diet. John struggled with his weight throughout his childhood, due to his mother’s delicious food no doubt. Once in high school, football and wrestling helped him manage his weight for a short amount of time. Unfortunately, when sports ended in 2011, John realized that his weight was quickly becoming a problem. John immersed himself in nutrition literature and found the secret to weight loss for him was the high fat, low carb approach of the ketogenic diet. Over the last 10 years, John has enjoyed helping friends understand and begin the ketogenic diet and he is excited to help you in your journey as well.

Ketonia: Ketogenic Baked Goods


Hello Biohackers!

Good day! As our community grows every day we always find a way to help you know more about biohacking. Today we are grateful to have another interview with The Original Mother and Son Keto Bakery. We have John the Vice president of Ketonia to answer our questions. 

  1. Q: Hi John, can you tell us something about yourself? Also, can you share something about the company the branding, and how it all started? 

A: I’ve always been really into biohacking. The search for optimization started over 15 years ago and I regularly look for the best ways to extend my life and improve my performance, so I’m excited for this interview. You’ll laugh. I made the original Ketonia logo in paint on my computer in paint. Thankfully my graphic designer makes sure everything looks pretty these days. The Ethos of our brand is the sun rising on your new way of life. Our products are meant to help make the keto diet more realistic for people who for instance just arent ready to cut pizza out of their life but would like the benefits of following a more strict ketogenic diet. 

  1. Q: On your website, there’s a lot of recipes that are mouthwatering. Who’s making the recipe? Among all the recipes which one is your favorite and why?

A: My mom and Ketonia’s CEO Geri Terry makes all of the amazing recipes you see on Ketoniafoods.com. I would have to say my favorite of all of the recipes is the keto croissants. They have the buttery flakey goodness that only a croissant can have and are absolutely delicious. Plus we have little twist recipes on the original so if you make one you can also make some bacon cheese croissants or cinnamon-sugar croissants. The only thing that might tie with that is the cinnamon roll mini waffles 

  1. Q: Can you tell us more about the Ketogenic diet? How can your product help those who are already on this program and for those who want to start their Ketogenic diet?

A: The ketogenic diet was originally discovered as a therapy for patients with paediatric epilepsy back in the 1920’s by researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The traditional form of the diet was not very popular though because it was almost 90% far and had poor compliance rates because no one wanted to eat or in most cases drink that much fat in a day.

There are a ton of variations on the ketogenic diet and everyone should talk with their doctor about their body type and how they should structure their ketogenic diet.

Ketosis has a protein sparing effect so most people on a ketogenic diet need less protein but for me I’ve found doing a modified ketogenic diet where carbs are still restricted to around 20-30 net carbs per day but my protein is close to 35% of my caloric intake. 

(Net Carbs = Total Carbs – Fiber – (Some) Sugar Alcohols)

I find anytime I start dipping heavily below 30% protein I have a harder time keeping lean muscle mass. If you find yourself not getting the body recomposition you want but it’s the opposite direction in that you aren’t losing much or have stalled try bringing down your protein intake. Too much protein can kick the body out of ketosis.

  1. Q: What are the precautions for following Keto diet?

A: Talk with your doctor regardless but especially if you have any preexisting conditions specifically regarding your kidneys and liver function. 

  1. Q: The ketogenic diet consists of an eating pattern that’s high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates.  Is a keto diet safe? Also, What’s the difference between low-carb and keto diets?

A: The keto diet has been used in patients with epilepsy as well as a broad spectrum of other populations for 100 years and have been shown to be effective and safe.

The difference between keto and low carb is all in the degree of carb restriction. There are some people who do low carb or slow carb diets who may still get a fair amount of their calories from carbs but mostly healthier slow digesting carbs like veggies. 

  1. Q: There are a lot of products for keto diet in the market. How do you deal with the competition in the market right now?

A: We can only do what we’ve done all along. Make the absolute best tasting no BS keto products we can. I think my mom’s dedication to authentic delicious tasting food combined with my passion for a truly low carb baked good really makes all the difference. 

  1. Q: Can you tell us more about the benefits of Keto diet by using your products?

A: One of the benefits of keto that you’ll experience first hand using our products will be that you stay full longer. Fat takes the longest out of the 3 main macronutrients to digest so it stays in the stomach longer than either carbs or protein. The products are also heavy in fiber which also helps you stay full.

Once you’re in ketosis and have gotten over any keto flu symptoms you may notice an increase in energy accompanied by less joint pain and less inflammation. 

  1. Q:  Aside from Keto Coconut Macaroons and Ketonia Keto Bread Mix are you also working on new products? If possible what kind of products do you want to add to Ketonia?

A: This is the first time I’ve told anyone but we are about to release our Keto CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies on our website. Sign up for our email list to be the first to get access when they launch as well as exclusive sales.

Eventually we’d like to roll out a line of ready to bake items like croissants, bagels & pizzas as well as reintroduce our first product the keto cheese straws. 

  1. Q: Aside from the benefits of Keto diet. Why do you think we should buy your products? 

A: Bottom line, they just taste really good. 

  1. Q: Thank you for letting us know more about your products. Is there anything you want to add that we didn’t cover? 

A: As with anything you’ll get out what you put in. I think the keto diet is one part of a multifaceted strategy for personal optimization. When It comes to my weight loss and body recomposition I like to think of it as a stool with each leg representing a different way you can manage your weight. The first is how many calories you eat. The second is how many carbs you eat or how keto you are in other words. The third is how long your eating window is. Finally the last leg is how much you exercise. If you manage these 4 things you can sit on the chair comfortably and manage your weight with very little thought. You can try to manage your weight by trying one of the techniques in isolation but it may make your chair kind of hard to sit in long term. 


Ketonia: Ketogenic Baked Goods