Q&A: Freddy Keefe, Biotech Life Sciences (Supplements)


Freddy is an avid runner and triathlete who was recently diagnosed with lyme disease and has since found his passion in biohacking. He spends his time researching the latest “biohacks” and applying them to his everyday life.

BioTech Life Sciences® is a premium beauty and nutraceutical company based in London, England with an International team that operates under strict, professional standards held by multiple authorities and governmental agencies across the world. We are members of a prestigious organization called the Health Foods and Manufacturers’ Association (HFMA). Our main aim when formulating supplements & vitamins is to provide our clients the highest purity and safest products we can offer which is backed by science. We work with highly qualified researchers & scientists to bring you the most effective & secure supplements that have come from the latest scientific breakthroughs. Many of our supplements have been scientifically proven, 100% naturally derived, and been scrutinized under intense quality control.

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be working at Biotech Life Sciences? Also, can you share a little about the company’s mission and vision? (A)

A: I’m Freddy and I am the Growth-Marketer for BioTech Life Sciences.

I started working for BTL Science as I was looking for roles in the health supplement space due to my interest in biohacking, healthy living and wellness and I had a growth-marketing background so this was the perfect role for me.

Our mission is to provide a quality product with premium ingredients that considers the body’s whole ecosystem (holistic-approach). We want to focus on multi-ingredient formulas that contain the best ingredients, in their best variation form and in high-end packaging.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of creating a product for Anti-aging and what are the benefits the consumer can get from your product? (A)

A: We first started with a product that is very popular in the anti-aging and longevity community called NAD+ & NMN which we were well-known for here in the UK and Europe.

Since then, we were seeing a rise in companies offering fake NAD+ and NMN and we started to create new formulas such as Energise-X which contains NAD+, NMN, CoQ10, PQQ, Selenium, Iodine, and B Vitamins.

The products were based on countless hours of research and also what the biohacking communities were most enthused about and using.

Benefits can range from a strong increase in energy, mitochondrial enhancement and DNA repair.

The main benefit people find with our products is an increase in energy.

Q: What would you say specifically differentiates your product from the competition? (L)

A: The main difference with our products compared to the competition is a combination of using multi-ingredient formulas and also the dosages we are offering.

There are few companies which are launching multi-ingredient formulas and many focus on single-ingredient formulas or formulas with 2-3 ingredients.

If a company is offering a multi-ingredient formula, they tend to have dosages too low to have an effect.

We have not slacked on either of those two factors: 

  1. Multiple Ingredients
  2. High Dosages     

Q: Who would you say your target audience is, considering your premium price point? (L)

A: Our target audience tends to boil down to biohackers or individuals who spend the bulk of their income on their health and also CEOs + Executives.

If you’re looking for a cheap product that is low-quality, that’s not us!

Q: What are you most excited about in the anti-aging and health/wellness industry right now? (L)

A: I think it’s the new ingredients coming out as we’ve seen with NAD+, NMN and Fisetin.

Aside from health supplements, the biohacks coming out are pretty cool so we’ll be looking out for those! 

Q: What is your 5-10 year vision for your company? (L)

A: We’re going to keep growing our loyal clientele and help grow our business into the retail chains we’re currently working on.

As new ingredients come out, we will look to incorporate those in version 2’s of our existing supplements or create new ranges and supplements.

Unfortunately, it looks like there’s going to be new diseases and illnesses that aren’t around right now in the next 5 – 10 years so we will more than likely bring out new ranges in line with this to help those out there who need them. 

Q: What other brands out there in the space do you think well of and why? (L)

A: Quicksilver Scientific is a great brand and their formulas are top-notch so we admire their work.

Alive By Science who also sell NAD+ & NMN have a great line with their Fistein formulas. 

Q: If you could only take one of the supplements in your new line, which would you choose and why? (L)

A: NeuroMem 3 which has my favourite ingredient, NAC, and also a bunch of other great ingredients such as: Rosemary, Pomegranate, Olive Leaf and ALA.

If we were allowed to quote the research on these ingredients, we would, but those of you reading this probably already know. I recommend researching these ingredients and their effects on the brain!

Q: What is the most difficult aspect of creating a product line such as yours? How do you approach those challenges? (L)

A: Being able to get all the ingredients we want in the formula at the high dosages we want them at.

Many late nights are spent by our Founder, Romy Jardine, and our in-house Researcher / Doctor, Dr Nicole Wong, making sure we tick off these two boxes.

Q: Considering the market environment, what advice would you give to people searching for a supplement in your niche? (L)

A: Learn about the variations of ingredients! Some ingredients such as Curcumin have a number of variations of that particular ingredient.

Brands will often give people the cheap version of an ingredient instead.

Where we can, we always aim for the best variation of an ingredient. 

Everything else is marketing i.e. badges, certifications and claims.

Q: Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share with us that we didn’t already cover? And where can our followers find you and reach out if interested? (K)

A: Look after your health people reading this, it’s probably the most important factor in anyone’s life – especially with today’s toxic stressors that bombard us. 

Our followers can find us on our website here – www.btl.science