The Ultimate Mandatory Stack (Part 3)


On to article three covering my various stacks.  Over the last two articles I went through the list of supplements in both my neuroprotective stack as well as my nootropic stack.  This article is going to break down my mandatory stack (the supplements I take all year-round, every day without fail)

    Before going into the list, I also want to mention that my mentality when it comes to taking supplements consists of some specific thoughts:

  1. Our bodies don’t absorb 100% of the supplements we take
  2. Our bodies sometimes do not absorb all the available nutrients from the food we eat
  3. We can only go as far as to trust the brands from which we buy our real food.  But there is no easy way to quantify or prove the nutritional value of any food we are eating (note – I said no “easy” way, not no way at all)
  4. Certain activities such as strenuous exercise, as well as factors such as stress play a large role in how quickly our bodies deplete themselves of their nutrient stores
  5. If you wait until you need something, it will always be too late to save yourself.  The longevity game is all about proactive prevention, rather than just sitting around with our fingers crossed hoping we don’t get cancer or neurological disease and if / when we do then starting to go in hard on options to combat these illnesses.  
  6. Without introducing other positive lifestyle factors such as exercise, adequate rest/sleep, keeping your mind stress free, getting outdoors & getting some sun, being cognizant, present, grateful, happy, and avoiding smoking as well as only partaking in alcohol in moderation, no supplement will save you.

    This mindset helps me stay motivated to continue taking my supplements and staying on my routine.  

    So, now onto the list of my mandatory supplements.

  • Multi-vitamin (I like Optimen or Animal Pak)
  • Multi-mineral
  • B-Complex (yes, the B vitamins are also in the multi-vitamin but I also take separate B-complex on its own)
  • Vitamin C (at least 1,000 mg/day, and in winter usually more)
  • Vitamin D3 (at least 8,000 IU/day)
  • Vitamin K2 (to prevent negative effects of the Vitamin D3 – Google it)
  • Fish oil or Krill oil
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • CLA (Great for fat loss)
  • Probiotic (I love RAW Probiotic brand, although it can be a bit expensive)
  • DHEA 
  • Iodine (transdermal application using Lugol’s Iodine)
  • Prostate support multi-vitamin (contains ingredients such as saw palmetto, nettle root and milk thistle to support prostate function)
  • CoQ10 (or Ubiquinol, the precursor to CoQ10)
  • Serrapeptase (you may not have heard of this one before – Google it)
  • Wobenzym (you may not have heard of this one before either – to be taken together w/ the Serrapeptase – Google it)
  • NAD+ / NMN (jumping on the bandwagon here – if David Sinclair says do it, just do it
  • Amino Acid Complex (I love Xtend brand, especially during exercise)
  • Desecrated Organ Meat tablets – by far my favorite item on this list – look up Ancestral Supplements – they are the only / best brand for this type of supplement and I have used them for years.  I take all the options they offer, including – beef liver, heart, thyroid, pancreas, spleen, bone marrow, thymus, kidney, cartilage, prostate, adrenals, intestines, gallbladder, lung, tallow, collagen, colostrum, and eye.  They also offer brain, but I haven’t tried it yet just because I don’t fully understand the risks associated with eating brain & mad cow disease, but looking to try in the future.  These supplements are not cheap, but I definitely love them and think they are more than worth it.  Ben Greenfield also vouches for this brand, especially since he practices eating nose-to-tail but knows that some people either can’t stomach eating all that actual organ meat or just can’t get access to any high quality sources of it.

    And there you have it folks, my mandatory supplement stack.  I would love to see in the comments additions to this stack that others in the group recommend so, don’t be shy!  Next time I’ll be covering my list of “planning to try someday” protocols, so stay tuned.  Until next time, biohackers…