Biohacking Tools – Leon’s Top Picks


    This post is for all the gadget-loving biohackers out there!  While some of the staple biohacking tools everyone should be starting out with, such as intermittent fasting, getting enough sleep, minimizing stress, eating right & avoiding excess tobacco & alcohol, can be done for little to no cost, others require a bit of investment if you want the convenience of owning these tools outright.

    I am nowhere near acquiring the entire set of biohacking tools that I would want to own if money were no object, but I definitely plan to acquire the following list of tools between now and the time I turn 40, a little more than 6 years from now (after which the importance of their daily use will be amplified with every year I age).  I think it’s fun and motivating to list things out, do my research, basically pre-shop and even plan out how my daily routine would change once my goal is met.  It keeps me motivated and gives me something to look forward to in the future.  Like Robin Sharma said, “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”  So, this is going to be a simple list post with links to some of my favorite tools.  I hope all of you can add to the list in the comments section so that others can be introduced to things they may not have been privy to previously. (note – for the entire list below, ballpark total cost would be somewhere between $200K – $275K)

And there you have it folks, the full list of my top tools for biohackers looking to outlast longevity escape velocity (2050 in best case scenario).  My future vision is to have a single room in my home that houses all these tools, where I can go every morning to start the day.  Now onto the manifestation of that scenario!  Like I said, feel free to add your own tools to this list for all to see in the comments section!  Until next time biohackers…