Recommended Products by Kyle Armour


Hey there. I wanted to put together this list of my recommended products.
These are products I have researched and trust (often using on a daily basis), or am currently researching.
I will keep this document updated and will be ever-evolving…

Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. Thanks, Kyle

Last updated: 5/13/2020

Supplements / Vitamins / Nootropics

Lions Mane
When it comes to mushrooms, I just make it easy on myself and trust Paul Staments. While I have yet to meet him personally, I have heard great things from others who have. Therefore, I recommend his website at or
Host Defense – Lions Mane Capsules [AMAZON REF], or
Fresh Nutrition’s – DNA Verified version [AMAZON REF], or
Secret’s of the Tribe – Liquid Tincture Version (my personal favorite way to take any supplement) [AMAZON REF]

KetoneAid [KETONEAID.COM] – Use code “ARMOUR”
One of the few Ketone Ester manufacturers. Very strong product for those who are serious about ketosis, brain function, energy, etc. The manufacturing process is difficult and cumbersome, however, so this tends to be a more premium product for most.

Physical Products

Sleep Induction Mat [AMAZON REF]
These mats are amazing. Do not get tricked into paying $40 or $50 for one!!! Buy here for $20, and maybe even cheaper if you look on AliExpress. These make your brain think you are going to die. Then when you get off the mat, your brain is flooded with serotonin (you aren’t going to die), and you sleep like a rock.

Cellerciser – [CELLERCISER.COM]
Amazing product, very strong and portable. Highly recommend this brand. I got mine on eBay for about 60% off retail.

Sleep Specific

TrueDark Glasses [AMAZON REF]
These don’t make you look glamorous, but they sure do work. The red ones before bed is hugely noticeable in latency to sleep. The daylights (yellow) are a little harder to quantify, but I still think they are well worth the cost. This is one of Dave Asprey’s companies, and be aware there may be similar quality products for a cheaper price point. I plan to fully research this topic soon.

Magnesium Powder [AMAZON REF]
Pure Essence Labs
Most people are deficient in Magnesium. I have found this to greatly help in falling (and staying) asleep.


Nicotine – [EBAY]
Nicorette Quickmist Duo Mouthspray Freshmint 2 x 150 Spray