BOOK HIGHLIGHT: “The Future Is Faster Than You Think”

“The Future Is Faster Than You Think” [no ref]
From AABL Team:
     With endorsements ranging from modern-day nostradamus, Ray Kurzweil, to self-help motivation guru, Tony Robbins, to Grammy-award winning musician and artist, Pharrell Williams, Peter Diamandis certainly has more credibility than necessary. As wall-street stocks stumble, it is always helpful to hear an optimistic visionary who can fire up our imaginations. If you have not dove into his work, now may be the time. He just released his new book last month. We also have a freebie for you- every 6 months, Peter refreshes his “Abundance 360 Deck” [AABL EXCLUSIVE]- which covers what disruptive technology is to come in the future. You can also see him presenting a similar talk on YouTube. He is a longevity advocate, and someone we recommend you paying attention to. Follow Peter on Twitter.